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Agatti Lima

Founder and CEO of Hayek Global College

Edson is the Founder and CEO of Hayek Global College. He had 7 years of experience working as CFO and then as Director of Strategy at UNICEPLAC, a private university in Brasilia, Brazil. During a time of deep crisis in the higher education industry in Brazil, his team increased student enrollment from 3,200 to 6,100, revenues by 64% and EBITDA by over 280%, while also increasing most academic quality indicators as measured by MEC. He previously worked as tax adviser for KPMG in Budapest, Hungary; and also at Atlas Network, and the Charles G. Koch Foundation in Washington DC.

Edson holds a Masters in Economics from George Mason University, and a bachelors in Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University.

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Dean of the MBA Program and Founding Professor of Hayek Global College

Originally from Germany, Hannah is a specialist in organizational psychology, cultural diversity in teams and human behavior across cultures. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at University of Mannheim, Germany with international experience at the University of Valencia, Spain; and an MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management at FGV. Hannah is also a Professor of Psychology at Uniceplac

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Founding Professor of Hayek Global College

Burke is the head of an international investigative firm. He worked at Oppenheimer in futures and with American National Securities as the director of corporate finance, and is currently the President of Financial Examinations & Evaluation, Inc. an international financial investigative firm. He has worked on fraud cases as large as 20 billion, many mergers and acquisitions,  due diligence consulting across five continents and has run cases and research projects in 135 countries and has worked in or visited over 100 countries. Burke is the author of the multiple award winning books, Due Diligence for the Financial Professional.


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Morato Alvares

Founding Professor of Hayek Global College

Oto Morato, senior executive education specialist. CEO at Igesia Academy -  former Regional Director of Executive Education - South America at Cornell University (2014-2020) and Business founder at M&M Capacitação Empresarial - (2009-present). Holds a Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) at the Wharton School, MBA at the University of Central Oklahoma, Post-graduate in Accounting at FGV and Bachelor degree in Business Administration at University of Brasilia.

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Founding Professor of Hayek Global College

Jean-Baptiste is an economist and entrepreneur. He founded 10 start ups in lifestyle and life sciences sectors including biotechnologies, cancer diagnostics, soap factory, gastronomic restaurants, fashion, online newspapers. As Economist he co-founded the Entrepreneurship Legitimacy chair at Aix-Marseille University and teaches at the Aix-Marseille University Economics & Management department and at Mod'Spe the French Fashion Business School in the central europeean campus. He graduated with a Master in Risk management from ENA (french administration school). As an engineer in risk management from Cytech, TTMBA from the Atlas academy, Masters of journalism & communication, and Bachelor in Economics and Law from Aix-Marseille University.

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Agatti Lima

Founding Professor of Hayek Global College

Igor Agatti Lima is a mathematician, IT specialist and entrepreneur. Obtained a bachelor's degree in Information Technology at Chales Sturt University, and a master's degree in mathematical and statistical modelling at University of Technology Sydney. Igor acted as CIO for 5 years at UNICEPLAC, and now has his own technology company AgattiTech. Igor is one of the founding professors at Hayek Global College.

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Professor of Hayek Global College

Mike J. Masoud is an internationally acclaimed expert in the anti-corruption field and leads The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI) business and initiatives in the Middle East and Africa.  He is a senior instructor and researcher for The AACI in the fields of internal control, governance, and corruption prevention methodologies. Mr. Masoud is the co- founder and managing director of BZ Consulting International, an advisory and training firm specializing in internal control, anti-fraud and corruption, corruption risk management and fraud and corruption examination. He has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of the corruption investigation, auditing, and anti-corruption advisory.

He graduated from Pittsburg State University, KS-USA in December 2000 with distinction holding MBA and majoring in accounting. He passed the CPA exam in California in May 2001 with distinguished scores. Besides, he is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified Anti-Corruption Manager (CACM).

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Professor of Hayek Global College

Marco Poli is a mentor, advisor, advisor, teacher, speaker, writer, and investor in StartUps. He is the founder of ClosedGap Ventures. He has more than 50 invested startups in Brazil, the United States, and Canada. He is a big believer in give-back to the ecosystem, having mentored more than 3,500 startups and actively working to improve Brazil's entrepreneurial and innovative environment. He is a member of the group of specialists in the Austrian School of the Mises Brasil Institute.

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Professor of Hayek Global College

Dr. Whitehouse has worked as a Marketing Manager in several companies such as Oxford Pendaflex de México, Procter & Gamble, UNITEC and in several of his own companies. He was the Rector/Campus President at the University of the Incarnate Word Mexico City campus for 10 years and more recently General Manager at Instituto Artek, a higher education institution focused in digital technologies. During more than 20 years he has been a consultant in diverse companies. In parallel Dr. Whitehouse has taught in several prestigious Universities in Mexico and in San Antonio since the year 2000. His main topics have been Marketing, Sales and Management. He has a BA in Business Administration, an MBA in Management and a PhD in Management and Marketing.