Management and its best practices

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Management and its best practices


Success of business is greatly affected by the quality of its management. There is such thing as good vs bad management, and it matters, a lot! Further, the quality of management varies greatly among businesses and countries, as is shown in various literature. Believe it or not, few companies practice good management.

But what are in fact the best practices of good management? 

If you were in charge would you be able to build a business plan from scratch to design incentive schemes, create performance indicators, create control processes to mitigate fraud risks, among others? 

Why care? Let´s just that with great management skills comes great opportunities.

If you´d like to take advantage of these opportunities, this course is for you.




Learning Outcomes


By the end of course, students must be able to:

  1. Compose a business plan, addressing the most important dimensions of good management required to build and manage successful businesses. 
  2. Explain what “good management” is, based on experience, literature and evidence.
  3. Clearly differentiate between ethical and unethical forms of profiting, what it means to ethically seek to maximize profits. 


Class format and time investment


This is the introductory course of the Hayek Global MBA program. It is an 100% online, 8 week long course, with one 3 hour session per week by webconference. 

Also expect to spend a good amount of time studying the class material and working to draft the class deliverables. 




With good performance on this course, you will receive a certificate specific to the competency addressed in this course.

The certificate will be publicly displayed in your student profile, available for any potential employer in the world prospecting you, along with the deliverables submitted for the course. 

Your performance will be measured by the quality of your deliverables.

Successful completion of this course will also count as credit towards your degree in the Hayek Global MBA program. 


Admissions Process


We have a simple admissions selection process, consisting of two steps:

1) Submit answer to two career and interest related questions, and one on reading comprehension and business skill.

2) A quick phone interview from one of our team members. 

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Coming in, what should I expect?


Expect to earn it. 



Course curriculum

Management matters in Practice and Research
Why Business? On the ethics and morality of business practice
Why do we have bosses? The nature of the firm.
The stages of business growth
Building your business plan
Understanding the customer, strategy and competition
Branding, Pricing and Sales
Aligning incentives and setting goals
Selecting and deselecting people
Efficiency, allocation, coordination and improvement of resources
Measuring performance
Control Problems and its Best Practices

Who will be my professor?

Profile picture for user edson

Agatti Lima

Founder and CEO of Hayek Global College

Edson is the Founder and CEO of Hayek Global College. He had 7 years of experience working as CFO and then as Director of Strategy at UNICEPLAC, a private university in Brasilia, Brazil. During a time of deep crisis in the higher education industry in Brazil, his team increased student enrollment from 3,200 to 6,100, revenues by 64% and EBITDA by over 280%, while also increasing most academic quality indicators as measured by MEC. He previously worked as tax adviser for KPMG in Budapest, Hungary; and also at Atlas Network, and the Charles G. Koch Foundation in Washington DC.

Edson holds a Masters in Economics from George Mason University, and a bachelors in Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University.


Classes start: January 30, 2021


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Applications for this course accepted until seats have been filled.

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