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International College Launches Undergraduate Program in Brasília

By Andrey Santos
July 8, 2024 18:19
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Ranked 8th in the World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI), Hayek Global College opens its selection process for a dual-degree program in Brasília and the United States. The program is entirely in English and taught by an international team of professors from various countries.

Completing a degree in Brazil and finishing it in the United States, all in English, and with professors from around the world. This is the proposal of Hayek Global College, an international business school that has just opened in Brasília, offering a dual-degree undergraduate program: the American College. Students will study in Brazil for two years and then transfer to a partner university in the US to complete their bachelor's degrees in fields like Computer Science, Business Administration, Economics, Marketing, and other Business areas.

In this initial selection process, the institution is offering 32 slots. Applications can be submitted via the link:

To apply, students must have completed high school and be fluent in English.

"In four years, a Hayek student will obtain a tecnólogo degree in Brazil and a bachelor's degree in the US without having to choose their bachelor's field during the first two years," explains Edson Agatti, Executive Director at Hayek Global College.

The institution has partnerships and agreements with American universities, providing individualized support and guidance for each student throughout the admission process, both in Brazil and the United States. "American universities value cultural diversity and are very interested in attracting Brazilian students," adds Agatti.

At Hayek Global College, classes are conducted entirely in English, using project-based learning and active methodologies. This approach allows students to learn from professors from different parts of the world. "Our decentralized teaching model allows us to select diverse international talents regardless of geographic location, ensuring that students learn from professionals with solid international careers, including experts in artificial intelligence, multinational leaders, economists, philosophers, linguists, and others," highlights Hannah Hämer, Academic Director at Hayek Global College.


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Virtual Exchange: International Networking Opportunities

Hayek's undergraduate program also incorporates Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), connecting students in the classroom with professors and peers from partner institutions around the world. This exchange offers students international networking opportunities, better cultural understanding, and preparation for working in an increasingly globalized business world.

"Imagine being in a classroom with your peers and, in real-time, working with partners in the Philippines to develop a business plan for both countries. In the next class, you connect with peers in Ukraine to discuss literary classics like Shakespeare's Hamlet and Machado de Assis's The Psychiatrist. This type of experience creates a significant opportunity for cultural sensitivity development and is already a reality at our institution," explains Hannah.

The success of this methodology, facilitating exchanges with people worldwide, earned Hayek 8th place in the Student Mobility and Openness category of the 2024 World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI).