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Hayek Global College Ranks 8th in World University Rankings for Innovation

By Andrey Santos
June 12, 2024 16:08
Hayek ranks 8th in the world

Based in Brasília, the international business school offers an innovative online MBA with students and professors from five different continents.

Hayek Global College, an international business school based in Brasília, has secured 8th place in the Student Mobility and Openness category of the World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI). The results were announced on Friday, June 7th, during a conference held at Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland. WURI evaluates the contributions of higher education institutions to industry and society, using 13 categories including innovation, entrepreneurship, social responsibility, infrastructure, technology, and more. The University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States are also featured in the WURI list.

"We are thrilled that our college has been recognized as the eighth in the world for internationalization and student mobility. This result reflects our ongoing commitment to genuinely global education, connecting students from five continents and coordinating up to 12 different time zones in a single synchronous class. All of this is done with live classes, promoting cutting-edge and highly practical educational experiences," emphasizes Edson Agatti, Executive Director of Hayek Global College.

The Student Mobility and Openness category evaluates various aspects related to the facilitation of mobility, internationalization, and the level of cultural diversity within the college. This category represents the ability of a higher education institution to promote internationalization and the exchange of academic and cultural experiences among its students. "Imagine waking up at home on a Saturday morning, turning on your computer, and working in real time on a project with a friend from China and another from Nigeria, on a business plan for a startup that a colleague from Ukraine aims to create. This is the kind of experience we are already providing in this truly practical and international MBA," explains Agatti.

In the second semester of 2022, Hayek granted MBA scholarships to Ukrainian students. "These were students who were caught in the middle of the war and had their college bombed. Through Hayek's initiative, they were able to receive an international qualification and the chance to secure better jobs, even outside of Ukraine," adds the Executive Director of Hayek Global College.

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